About me

Welcome to my homepage about my ongoing research and teaching activities.

I am a Research Fellow at the Institute for Analytics and Data Science (IADS), School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex.

The link for my University of Essex Profile. Please feel free to explore this website by using the navigation panel on the top and links on the left. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want any additional information or if you are interested in a research collaboration. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


I received a PhD in Computer Science from University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, UK; master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Manav Rachna International University, India; and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Integral University, India. I completed my primary and secondary education during 1991-2003 from Colvin Taluqdars’ College in Lucknow, which is one of the oldest private schools in India. I was born in the city of Lucknow and spent an early 19 years. Here is a YouTube video if you want to see Lucknow.

I have previously worked at Swansea University, Wales, UK; University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, UK; Dilla University, Ethiopia; and Manav Rachna International University, India.

I am also associated with following professional bodies:

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).
  • Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (SMIEEE).

Research interests

My research interests and activities focus on the machine learning, non-stationary learning, brain-computer interface, EEG/MEG signal processing, and computational intelligence methods for health and biomedical informatics. I work on the development of the intelligent systems and practice my skills on the projects related to electronic healthcare systems, stoke-rehabilitation, and few others areas.


I’m interested in supervising PhD students. However, I am currently not having any external funding to support. Students with their own funding, please feel free to contact.

The list of current and past supervised students and post-docs:


  • Dr Dheeraj Rathee (KTP Associate: AI-Data Scientist, Nov-2018 to present) with Provide CIC, Colchester, England

  • Mr Arjith Vajrala (MSc Student (2018-2019), Project Title: Deep Learning for Text). Now working as KTP Associate (AI Data Scientist at TT Education).

  • Mr Maviya Tahsildar (MSc Student (2019-2020), Project Title: PDF Data Extraction

  • Mr Jeet Sachania (BSc Student (2019 - 2020)), Project Title: Using Microsoft Power BI To Create Enterprise Applications: Stitch – A data consolidation application.

  • Mr Ryan Shaw (BSc Student (2019 - 2020)), Project Title: Machine Learning for Stock Price Prediction


  • Ms Pranavi Vasa (MSc Student (2018-2019), Project Title: Handling Covariate Shift using Deep Learning). Now working at University of Sufflok as KTP Associate

  • Mr Ricardo González Martínez (MSc Student (2018-2019), Project Title: Price-prediction based on product features and description)

  • Mr Bartlomiej Kloza (BSc Student (2018-2019), Project Title: WeatherBe - a full-stack web application). Now working as Graduate Software Engineer at BBC.

Media and Press

Links to coverage of media and press:

The Ghana Guardian, 2019

The Times of India, 2018

Business Standard, 2018

Hindustan Times, 2015