• CLEFT: Contextualised Unified Learning of User Engagement in Video Lectures With Feedback S Roy, V Gaur, H Raza, S Jameel IEEE Access 11, 17707-17720

  • Graph Laplacian for Heterogeneous Data Clustering in Sensor-Based Internet of Things VK Singh, G Tripathi, A Ojha, R Bhardwaj, H Raza IETE Journal of Research, 1-13


  • Delivered R Boot Camp at the University of Essex (Jan 2023)
  • Delivered Data Science for All Boot Camp at the University of Essex (Jan 2023)
  • Delivered an invited talk at IIT GandhiNagar on “Brain-computer intefacing” in Aug 2023. Hosted by Dr Yogesh Kumar Meena, Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, IIT-G.
  • Delivered an invited talk at LearnFest event organised by Essex County Council on “Explainable AI: A step towards informed decision-making” in Dec 2023.
  • Presented a keynote address at the International Conference on Cloud and Parallel Computing, Artificial and Business Intelligence, Quantum, and Machine Learning: Trends, Perspectives, and Prospects (Com-IT-Con-2023) held on July 14-15, 2023, at Manav Rachna Educational Institutions, Faridabad. The talk focused on “Explainable AI in Healthcare.”
  • Delivered a workshop titled “AI for High School Educators” at the Higher Education Conclave held on August 11-12, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency in Chandigarh, India.
  • I presented two research papers at IEEE BIBM in Istanbul, Turkey.
    • The first paper, titled “An Improved Vision-Transformer Network for Skin Cancer Classification,” was authored by Gayathri Mol Shajimon, Isreal Ufumaka, and myself.
    • The second paper, titled “MEGNet: A MEG-Based Deep Learning Model for Cognitive and Motor Imagery Classification,” was authored by Minerva Sarma, Charles Bond, and myself. Both papers showcase the outcomes of research conducted by our MSc students.


  • Took PhD viva at University of Sheffield
  • Attended ACCUATE Accelerator Program
  • Best Partnership Award 2022
  • Social media for researchers - panel discussion & networking
  • Delivered a talk at BLG DRC event on Explainable AI
  • Delivered a keynote at ICACIA – 2023 International Conference on Advances in Computational Intelligence and it’s Applications February 23-25, 2023
  • COM-IT-CON-2023 Keynote on 15th July 2023


  • Grant: Applied for KTP: ‘Intelligent Recommendation in Logistic Business’, Funding Amount: XXX,XXX.00 , Funder: 67% Innovate UK and 33% Trunk Logistic, Role: Academic Supervisor


  • Won best academic awards KTP Best Academic 2022

  • Publication Manuscript Accepted and Published in IEEE Sensors Journal. Title: “Event Classification and Intensity Discrimination for Forest Fire Inference With IoT”. Link to manuscript. This publication is an output from our GRCF project with IIIT-Lucknow, India.

  • Grant: KTP: ‘Melanoma Detection using Advance Computer Vision’, Funding Amount: £180,672.00 , Funder: 67% Innovate UK and 33% Check4Cancer Limited, Role: Academic Lead (i.e. PI)

  • Grant: KTP: ‘Examine work practices and embed leading-edge management theory to drive operational efficiency in a financial advice SME’, Funding Amount: £185,972.00 , Funder: 67% Innovate UK and 33% Brightstar Financial Limited, Role: Academic Supervisor

  • Grant: KTP: ‘Eastern Region Multi-Agency Intelligence Tool’, Funding Amount: Total £1 Million (University of Essex: £103,279.57), Funder: Ministry for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities via “Local Data Accelerator Fund for Children and Families”, Role: Co-investigator


  • Publication Manuscript Accepted and Published at UKCI 2021. Title: “Emojional: Emoji Embeddings”. Link to manuscript

  • Publication Manuscript Accepted in Scientific Data, Nature. Title: “A magnetoencephalography dataset for motor and cognitive imagery-based brain-computer interface”. Link to manuscript

  • Keynote speaker at “ICCCIS-2021: International Conference on Computing, Communication, and Intelligent Systems (ICCCIS-2021), Greater Noida, India. Topic: Advancing Machine-Learning methods Brain-Computer Interfacing. Dates: 19th -20th Feb 2021.

  • Member of Advisory Board “Advances in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (AASET-2021)”, on May 21-22, 2021.

  • Grant: KTP: ‘AI-assisted smart off-site communication in property development’, Funding Amount: £211,843.00 , Funder: 67% Innovate UK and 33% Mersea Homes Limited, Role: Academic Supervisor


  • Promotion: I have been granted permanency by the University of Essex in July 2020 and got promotion as well. I will be joining my new role as a Lecturer on 21st November 2020 in the School of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering.

  • Webinar: Enjoyed participating in a webinar on 02/Jul/2020 and discussed a title “Lobbying with data - how can data help businesses influence policy?” along with Bonamy Waddell and Peter Bleackley. YouTube link to the recorded webinar.

  • Promotion: Got elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior member (SMIEEE).

  • Grant Two-Way visiting Fellowship awarded by GCRF, University of Essex and Indian Institute for Information Technology

  • Certification: Achieved the status of Fellow of Higher Education Academy

  • Publication Two papers accepted at IEEE WCCI-IJCNN 2020.

  • Grant: GCRF, Essex Engagement fund – Research Pump Priming: Unravelling the Forest Fires in Lower Himalayan Forests: A Comprehensive Study of Indian Forest Regions of Uttarakhand using IoT technology. Funding Amount: £9335.69


  • Publication: Pediatric obesity: ‘Predictors of objectively measured physical activity in 12‐month‐old infants: A study of linked birth cohort data with electronic health records’

  • Publication: Neurocomputing: ‘Covariate shift estimation based adaptive ensemble learning for handling non-stationarity in motor imagery related EEG-based brain-computer interface’

  • Publication: Journal of neuroscience methods: ‘An EEG-EMG correlation-based brain-computer interface for hand orthosis supported neuro-rehabilitation’

  • Publication: IEEE-IJCNN 2020:’Bagging Adversarial Neural Networks for Domain Adaptation in Non-Stationary EEG’

  • Grant: KTP: ‘AI-assisted Performance Management System’, Funding Amount: £228,006.00, Funder: (67%) Innovate UK and (33%) TT Education, Role: Supervisor

  • Grant: Innovation Voucher: ‘Maji Financial Wellbeing Ltd’, Funding: £5070.00”

  • Grant: ESNEFT (NHS Trust): Title: ‘AI based approach to improve cancer pathway’, Funding Amount: £41,172.75 Funder: East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, Role: PI.

  • Talk: University of Sheffield: ‘Managing Covariate Shift in EEG/MEG-based BCI’

  • Talk: Integral University, India: ‘Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Healthcare and Businesses’

  • Talk: Integral University, India: ‘Machine Learning and Future’

  • Tutorial: IADS Summer School, University of Essex: ‘Learning Under Distribution Shift: Transfer Learning’

  • Tutorial: IADS Summer School, University of Essex: ‘Introduction to Deep Learning’


  • Publication: Book Chapter, Institution of Engineering and Technology: ‘Covariate shift detection-based nonstationary adaptation in motor-imagery-based brain–computer interface’

  • Publication: IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics: ‘Active Physical Practice Followed by Mental Practice Using BCI-Driven Hand Exoskeleton: A Pilot Trial for Clinical Effectiveness and Usability’

  • Grant: Economic and Social Research Council: ‘Business and Local Government Data Research Centre (BLG DRC)’ Role: Co-PI.

  • Grant: KTP: ‘AI-driven SMART Triage System’, Funding Amount: £289,127.00, Funder: 50% Innovate UK and 50% Provide CIC, Role: Lead Supervisor

  • Talk: VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hydrabad, India: ‘Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning’

  • Talk: St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru, India: Artificial Intelligence and it’s application in Industry and Research

  • Talk: Taj MG Road, Bengaluru, India: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Tutorial: IADS Summer School, University of Essex: ‘Learning Under Distribution Shift: Transfer Learning’

  • Tutorial: Data Science Intense (DSI) Training Program 2018: Machine Learning and Data Science, Tutorial, Data Science Intense (DSI) Training Program 2018, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Tutorial: Invited Tutorial Delivered a series of tutorials as a Knowledge Exchange to public bodies in UK such as Essex County Counci, South-End County Council, Suffolk County Council, Essex Police on using Python and R for Data Analytics