Team AI

I am interested in collaborating and working with potential researchers who are interested in working on AI. My research interests and activities focus on the AI for decision-making, machine learning methods, non-stationary learning, brain-computer interface, EEG/MEG signal processing, computer vision, and computational intelligence methods for healthcare, businesses, and environment. I work on the development of intelligent systems and practices my skills in the following programming languages: Python, Matlab, and R. So, please feel free to get in touch if you are passionate about any of the above-mentioned topics.

Post-Docs / Associates (Past & Present)

  • Dr Yogesh Kumar Meena: (KTP Associate: AI-Software Engineering, Feb-2021 to present) with Mersea Homes, Colchester, England

  • Dr Dheeraj Rathee (KTP Associate: AI-Data Scientist, Nov-2018 to Non-2021) with Provide CIC, Colchester, England. Currently, Dheeraj is a Chief Technical and Analytics Offcer (CTAO) at Provide Digital.

  • Mr Arjith Vajrala (MSc Student (2018-2019), Worked as KTP Associate (AI Data Scientist at TT Education) from 2019-2020. Currently, Data Scientist - Barts Cancer Institute.

PhD Students (Past & Present)

  • Mr John Bosco Uroko is currently a part-time PhD student started in April 2021. John is exploring deep learning and data fusion techniques in BCI robotics. Dr Liang Hu is the main supervisor and I am co-supervising him with Professor Gu, Dongbing.

MSc & BSc Students (Past & Present)

Academic YearStudent NameCourseTitle
2021-22Mr Antony James, currently, doing MSc dissertation, University of EssexMScAI based age prediction from Mental Foramen
2021-22Mr Nouman Mureed, currently, doing MSc dissertation, University of EssexMScAI based age prediction from Mental Foramen
2021-22Ms Oana Blagoe, currently, doing MSc dissertation, University of EssexMScIdentification of individual age using first molar images
2021-22Ms Tanushree Kulkarni, currently, doing MSc dissertation, University of EssexMScIdentification of individual age using first molar images
2021-22Ms Madanayakanahalli Srinivasa Murthy, Sriramya, currently, doing MSc dissertation, University of EssexMScTransfer Learning for Oral Cancer Detection using Microscopic Images
2020-21Mr Varun Dutt. Currently, KTP Associate with Code WorldwWide and University of EssexMScAdvancing Melanoma Detection using Computer Vision
2020-21Mr Faizan A Waheed KhanMScPredictive Analytics in Crypto Currency
2020-21Ms Monali V GothiMScChange/Shift Detection
2020-21Mr Kyriakos MichaelMScDetecting COVID-19 using Chest CT-Scans
2020-21Ms Elena BarryBScEmojional: Emoji Embeddings
2020-21Mr Bradley HigsonBScBCI-based Gesture Control of Computer Robotics
2020-21Ms Ryan Van DijckBScOnline Survey System
2020-21Mr Toochukwu KaniagwuBScCollaborative Whiteboard
2019-20Mr Jeet SachaniaBScUsing Microsoft Power BI To Create Enterprise Applications: Stitch – A data consolidation application
2019-20Mr Ryan ShawBScMachine Learning for Stock Price Prediction
2019-20Mr Arjith VajralaMScDeep Learning for Text
2019-20Ms Pranavi VasaMScHandling Covariate Shift using Deep Learning
2019-20Mr Ricardo González MartínezMScPrice-prediction based on product features and description
2019-20Mr Bartlomiej KlozaBScWeatherBe - a full-stack web application

Academic and Industry Collaboration

I also actively collaborate with the leading people in the academia and industries. Here is a list of my existing and past collaborations:

IIIT-Lucknow, India

Jointly working with IIIT-L (Dr Vishal Krishna Singh) on advancing in AI that could be used in solving major global environmental crises–from climate change to agriculture. With advances in machine learning and deep learning, we can now tap the predictive power of AI to make better data-driven models of environmental processes to improve our ability to study current and future trends, including forest-fire, water availability, crop-monitoring, and ecosystems wellbeing. I am interested in bringing AI and ML to play a key role in enhancing environmental decision and policy-making work, by bringing algorithmic solutions to the following themes:

  • Developing forest-fire prediction algorithm using IoT
  • Image analysis for monitoring crops

King-George Medical College, Lucknow, India

One of my key collaboration is with King George Medical College, Lucknow, India with whom we have signed a data-sharing agreement. We aim to develop an accurate computer vision-based diagnostic system for age-group estimation using dental X-ray images and this work is extremely important in forensic dentistry and for various medico-legal purposes. We are working with Dr.Akhilanand Chaurasia who is an Assistant Professor & Consultant King George’s Medical University, India.

Ulster University, Northern-Ireland, UK

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, UK