Team AI

I am interested in collaborating and working with potential researchers who are interested in working on AI. My research interests and activities focus on the AI for decision-making, machine learning methods, non-stationary learning, brain-computer interface, EEG/MEG signal processing, computer vision, and computational intelligence methods for healthcare, businesses, and environment. I work on the development of intelligent systems and practices my skills in the following programming languages: Python, Matlab, and R. So, please feel free to get in touch if you are passionate about any of the above-mentioned topics.

Post-Docs / Associates (Past & Present)

  • Dr Yogesh Kumar Meena: (KTP Associate: AI-Software Engineering, Feb-2021 to present) with Mersea Homes, Colchester, England

  • Dr Dheeraj Rathee (KTP Associate: AI-Data Scientist, Nov-2018 to present) with Provide CIC, Colchester, England

  • Mr Arjith Vajrala (MSc Student (2018-2019), Worked as KTP Associate (AI Data Scientist at TT Education) from 2019-2020. Currently, Data Scientist - Barts Cancer Institute.

PhD Students (Past & Present)

None at the moment

MSc & BSc Students (Past & Present)

  • Mr Jeet Sachania (BSc Student (2019 - 2020)), Project Title: Using Microsoft Power BI To Create Enterprise Applications: Stitch – A data consolidation application.

  • Mr Ryan Shaw (BSc Student (2019 - 2020)), Project Title: Machine Learning for Stock Price Prediction

  • Mr Arjith Vajrala (MSc Student (2018-2019), Project Title: Deep Learning for Text). Currently, Data Scientist - Barts Cancer Institute.

  • Ms Pranavi Vasa (MSc Student (2018-2019), Project Title: Handling Covariate Shift using Deep Learning). Now working at University of Sufflok as KTP Associate

  • Mr Ricardo González Martínez (MSc Student (2018-2019), Project Title: Price-prediction based on product features and description)

  • Mr Bartlomiej Kloza (BSc Student (2018-2019), Project Title: WeatherBe - a full-stack web application). Now working as Graduate Software Engineer at BBC.

Academic and Industry Collaboration

I also actively collaborate with the leading people in the academia and industries. Here is a list of my existing and past collaborations:

IIIT-Lucknow, India

King-George Medical College, Lucknow, India

Ulster University, Northern-Ireland, UK

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, UK