Funding Amount: £9106.00
Funder: GCRF@University of Essex
Dates: Start Date 01/04/2020 & End Date 31/07/2020
Role: PI
Collaborator: Dr Vishal Krishna Singh, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Lucknow, India


To build a relationship between the University of Essex and IIIT-Lucknow and exploring future research project for data science and machine learning.

The following may be listed as major research direction during the two visits:

  1. Review current developments and trends in AI and DS and their potential societal benefits but also implications across both countries.
  2. Develop a strong network of researchers with common and overlapping interests across the two countries laying the foundations for developing further research and activities.
  3. Discuss and identify important challenges that need to be addressed for further advancement of using AI and DS in solving problems in these domains, mapping differences and synergies in approaches required, and identify specific areas of work and a roadmap for future development.