Project title: “A BCI Operated Hand Exoskeleton based Neuro-rehabilitation System for Movement Restoration in Paralysis”
Funder: DST - UKIERI
Role: Post-Doc (7-months)
Supervisors: Professor Girijesh Prasad (UK) and Professor Ashish Dutta

Project Objectives

It is known that stroke sufferers can gain much enhanced upper limb movement recovery with active physical practice in conjunction with motor imagery (MI) practice of activities of daily living. To this end, project objectives are to:

Contribution and Outcome

Paper 1: ‘Chowdhury, A., Raza., H., Meena, Y.K., Dutta, A., and Prasad,G. (2017). Online Covariate Shift Detection based Adaptive Brain-Computer Interface to Trigger Hand Exoskeleton Feedback for Neuro-Rehabilitation. IEEE-TCDS-2017. 1(1).’

Paper 2: ‘Chowdhury, A., Meena, YK., Raza, H., Bhushan, B., Uttam, AK., Pandey, N., Hashmi, AA., Bajpai, A., Dutta, A., and Prasad, G. (2018). Active Physical Practice Followed by Mental Practice Using BCI-Driven Hand Exoskeleton: A Pilot Trial for Clinical Effectiveness and Usability. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2018.’

Paper 3: ‘Chowdhury, A., Raza, H., Meena, YK., Dutta, A., and Prasad, G. (2019). An EEG-EMG correlation-based brain-computer interface for hand orthosis supported neuro-rehabilitation. Journal of neuroscience methods, 2019.’